Eric Petersen

Success Story

Eric Petersen, a retiree from Show Low, Arizona, enjoys playing video golf, walking, cooking, and ranching. In January, he was admitted to Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona (RHNA) for a toxic reaction to a medication that caused loss of muscle control of his legs and right arm, excessive joint swelling, and hallucinations.

Eric chose to receive rehabilitation at RHNA because it’s close to his home, and he felt it was an excellent facility. He wanted to learn to walk again and regain use of his right arm and hand.

While at RHNA, Eric enjoyed working with the physical and occupational therapists as well as the nursing staff. “They have a great staff, and Dr. Balouch kept me up-to-date and informed about my recovery,” he says.

After 22 days of treatment at RHNA, Eric was discharged to home. He says he is looking forward to seeing his pets, continuing to get stronger, and getting back to his normal routine.