Orthopedic Rehabilitation 101

If your doctor has prescribed orthopedic rehabilitation therapy for you or a loved one, you may have a lot of questions. Questions such as, “How does this type of therapy differ from regular physical therapy?” or “What can I expect during my time with a rehabilitation therapist?”

At Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona, our goal is to help our patients and their families have a greater comprehension of the care we provide, thus enabling you to better understand your progression — from your first session of orthopedic rehabilitation to your last.

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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

To bring attention to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, the Brain Injury Association of America has designated March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. This awareness program aims to shed light on the challenges that patients, family members, and other caregivers face when someone experiences a traumatic brain injury, often referred to as TBI. The program also highlights current efforts of the medical community in terms of research and rehabilitation endeavors that work to improve patient outcomes.  

To provide support for TBI patients along with their loved ones, and as part of our contribution to Brain Injury Awareness Month, our experts at Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona want to educate the community on what it means to experience a TBI. We also want to provide a better understanding of the tools and therapies available today that play such an important role in a patient’s rehabilitation process. 

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What to Pack for a Hospital Stay

Whether you are a patient preparing for an inpatient hospital stay, or someone who’s loved one unexpectedly finds themselves in a hospital, having the right things for a hospital stay is important. Packing the right items will help make your stay less stressful and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Below you’ll find a summary of suggested items to pack for a hospital stay.

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